We strive to do business in the "right" way, taking our social and environmental responsibilities seriously.


Inspired by the legacy left by George Cadbury, we give 10% of profits to charity - we feel it is important to give back to society. We will be selecting a number of charities close to our hearts to support, and asking our customers to pick one.


We share the same values as our supplier who over 20 years have carried out an innovative approach to organic & trading fairly. Through a long-term commitment, with a close partnership with cocoa growers, they have built a strategy of sustainable development. Whilst guaranteeing a higher than market price for the cacao, they go further partnering with the producers to preserve the rural economic actives of farming.


Our supplier spent 10 years researching the best trees for aromatic flavours and also their productive capabilities. Through an innovative restoration programme, young cocoa tree were planted where dead trees were never replaced, while older trees are given a new lease of life by grafting stains to old tree, ensuring sustainable production. This allowed producers to improve production and yields of their plantations while maintaining the highest quality cocoa.


Our supplier partners with over 500 Dominican farmers, helping with the  renovation of old plantations to produce quality sustainable cacao. Growing cocoa is often the main economic activity in rural areas in Dominican Republic, allows numerous families to live in decent conditions.


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