It was a magical moment, when as a small boy I realised that the name on my school exercise book matched the one on my chocolate bar & discovered that my great great grandfathers had created one of the most iconic and best loved brands of chocolate. 


It was in 1824 that John Cadbury set up a tea dealer and coffee roaster in Birmingham. One of the luxury items they sold was drinking chocolate. His sons, Richard & George, took over the ailing business in 1860 and made a big break through in 1866 when buying a machine from the Netherlands, that would refine the cocoa to an essence ending the need to add starch and nasty chemicals to the chocolate. 


Sharing my ancestors’ ambition to create something "absolutely pure, therefore the best" we make our artisan chocolate bars using only organic, fairly traded cacao, whilst sourcing natural ingredients, wherever possible, from independent British producers. We love working with independent suppliers, and are constantly on the look out for new products.


Our chocolates are designed to fit through the letterbox first, then into your mouth...so go ahead, surprise a friend and treat them to some of Love Cocoa's creations or simply indulge yourself  & know there’s a delicious bar of chocolate just waiting for you to come home.

James Cadbury, Founder



We source our chocolate coverture from a family run business who work closely with a cooperative of farmers to produce high quality aromatic organic cocoa beans. They work with the farmers all the way from fermenting the cocoa beans to ensure a quality final product. This is then shipped to England where it is hand-made by our master chocolatier.


Unlike many other “premium” chocolate brands, who source from the dominant big multinational companies, our supplier puts innovation at the core to ensure consumers the lost aromas of original cocoa.


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