Interview with Real Business: Cadbury legacy continues as founder’s relative starts chocolate business Love Cocoa

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Possessing the Cadbury’s name could have struck fear into James Cadbury, the great-great-grandson of the chocolatier, but he’s ready for the challenge with a confectionery business of his own – Love Cocoa.

Possessing the Cadbury’s name could have struck fear into James Cadbury, the great-great-grandson of the chocolatier, but he’s ready for the challenge with a confectionery business of his own – Love Cocoa.

Entering the chocolate business isn’t something that’s been done for the sake of it, however. Indeed, James Cadbury is well aware the pressure of being associated with the Cadbury’s legacy, which is why Love Cocoa has an entirely different business model.

In his own words, Cadbury called his brand an online gifting and subscription service. Sure, that means you won’t stroll into your local corner shop for a bite when you have a sugar rush, but that’s because Love Cocoa is designed with quality in mind, the type that should be savoured and not wolfed down at a moment’s notice.

A box of bars can be ordered online for occasions, such as birthdays, or alternatively chocolate lovers can take out a subscription to receive a Love Cocoa through their letterbox on a regular basis – think Graze or Bloom & Wild.

Cadbury recalled the inspiration for Love Cocoa, which coincided with his mother’s birthday. “My mum loves chocolate, but for her birthday last year I couldn’t really find anything appropriate. I looked around at various brands, but they all took three days plus to deliver and all had to be signed for, so she’d have to go and collect it if she was out it,” he said.

“In the end I went to a really nice chocolate shop and put the box in a jiffy bag with a card, which she really really liked. There wasn’t anything simpler out there, so it gave me the idea to sell something different around chocolate. It’s worked for Bloom & Wild with flowers.”

Prior to this point though, Cadbury, 31, hadn’t experienced any desire to move into the chocolate business and follow the Cadbury’s name. In fact, his career has, until now, been based in finance.

“My parents are both lawyers and they never really encouraged me to be an entrepreneur. They always pushed me towards nice steady job, which is why I ended up in finance. I did enjoy my time doing it, but it didn’t inspire me,” he admitted.

Find out how Cadbury responded to our quick-fire Black Cab Entrepreneur questions in the video below:


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Disappointed with the delivery

I bought the chocolate bars as a gift as I had bought some at an earlier time, although I like the idea of it. It was disappointing for my friend to not have received the next day. If I was guaranteed next day delivery I would order again.

Thanks for your feedback Yvonne, is really useful. We try and keep our product as affordable as possible offering 1st Class Royal Mail for free (over £15). Since we emailed we have now added a next day guaranteed delivery option and charge cost price for this service.
Subscription v Retail

James something to be aware of: I can buy three bars for £12 in my local wine shop ( Therapy of Wine )
Same thing only costs me 1p less through my subscription.....

Thanks for your feedback Robert. Unfortunately at the moment we have to charge postage on the subscriptions under 15 pounds. We will try and create more subscription options which will avoid this postage charge.
80th Birthday Gift for a Quaker

The gift was very well received and the whole family enjoyed the experience of 'cadbury' chocolate. Beautifully packaged and delivered with no fuss.

Thanks for lovely review Lea, glad the chocolate bars were well received gift :)
Sea salt 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

Found it to be a crisp & tastey bar. Tends to bring out the cocoa. Never tried this taste before but would purchase again.

Glad you liked this John. The Sea Salt is our favourite bar and is up for an award :)
Chocolate Heaven

The chocolate is absolutely amazing. I think when you read the ingredients list and learn about the refined sugar-free element you possibly prepare your mind for an inferior but healthier alternative. This blew my expectations out the water. This is hands down most of the most elite, superior and exquisite chocolates I have ever tasted. So pure, so creamy and the flavours options are insane. I also sampled to 70% Ecuadorian which was unbelievably creamy and like nothing I have ever tasted. I will definitely be back for more. Please, Please, Please enter this for some of the industry awards. This should definitely be celebrated!

Thanks very much for the review Ryan, glad you liked the chocolate!